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Our Landscaping Experts’ in McKinney, TX Insights About Irrigation Systems

Having an eco-friendly sprinkler system in your yard is the key to maintaining a beautiful lawn. This is true for both residential and commercial properties. So, if you are in McKinney, TX and want to boost the appearance and vigor of your garden, contact Waterfalls Land Care today.

Let’s first explain what environmentally-friendly landscaping irrigation systems are. Low volume, low-pressure irrigation, pressure regulator, and a soaker hose reduce runoff and overspray by slowly delivering both water and fertilizer nutrients to plant material near or at the root zone level. This is the most typical description for that kind of equipment. This makes the dripping system one of the most suitable for any landscape. Drip watering systems allow for water conservation by regulating soil moisture levels with greater accuracy. Our technicians are completely aware of how these sprinklers function and how to repair and maintain them. We can perform various fixes and adjustments so it delivers the right amount of water at the right time. Installing a weather sensor is another great use of technology to conserve water. That means that your irrigation system will automatically shut off once the air temperatures change or it starts to rain, for example.

Installing such advanced equipment to water your garden ensures your plants’ regular watering and maintenance. Also, you will experience great money savings and benefits for the environment as well. If you ask our team to install a drip irrigation type of system to your lawn, it will deliver water directly to your plants’ roots, resulting in less water loss due to evaporation in the sun and wind. When the installation is handled professionally by our landscaping specialists, you will enjoy your outdoor paradise to its fullest.

Certainly, call Waterfalls Land Care right now and talk to our landscapers about your lawn’s irrigation needs. Get a free estimate now and enjoy our reasonable rates. We are in McKinney, TX, and you can reach us at (469) 218-9855.

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